Is Fuel next to Oxygen?

By Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah

Before God made man, He made the heavens and the earth, light, the sky, the land, plants, heavenly bodies and every other creature and after all these the only additional things that was necessary for man to live and excel was a woman which God later made.

Over Six thousand years down that line there seem to be something else in which without its availability life seems threatened and that is – Fuel.

About a week ago, for some selfish reason the oil markers decided to go on strike at first many took it as ‘one of those strikes’ but after some days it wasn’t just PMS that was sold at incredible prices or difficult to get, our banks and ATM were shutting down, Power followed suit and when we were making calls to lament the situation, MTN and others said they couldn’t run any longer with NLC threatening to ask all workers to stay at home. Even the lives of the sick in the hospitals were threatened.

Almost everything was brought to a standstill, just because of the unavailability of Fuel. I wondered, if God decided to dry up crude, does it mean life would be impossible now? I guess we have tried almost everything to fuel (no thanks to our invincible power supply).

In a similar fashion some of us have attached almost our entire lives to some people and some things, we have possessions so priced that we can imagine living without them not to talk of giving them out and we forget that we lived happily many years before they came.


3Do not trust in princes, In mortal man, in whom there is no salvation. Psalm 146:3


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