Just a little extra

by Tuoyo Emmanuel Ajuyah

They say the difference between the ordinary and extra ordinary is just the extra no matter how little. Look around, most of the people we know who have triumphed in any aspect of life, had the necessary and then a little extra.

Our Dream team VI – Men football team in the 2016 Rio Olympics went through a lot to get to Brazil for the Olympics with their plane landing just a few hours to the kick off time for the match among other hitches just the managed to put up a good show in their first two games. Their feat made the ‘quick to love’ Nigerian fans dream of a repeat of Atlanta 96 – where the dream team piped Brazil and Argentina to win the Olympics Gold medal, even just after the second match.

The team appeared good, but when the chips were down, when four goal scorer Oghenekaro Etebo and Midfield Anchor Azubuike Okechukwu were not available due to injury and suspension respectively the team looked like a fake of themselves against Germany just like they did against Columbia when a few starters were rested.

Many analyst have argued that even with the presence of the pair the result might not have been different against the Europeans but at least things might have been different and perhaps even the scoreline.

But Injuries happen and suspensions are not abnormal in football hence a team should be structured so that it retains its power even when two, three or four players are changed or there should be a plan B in terms of tactics, that is how Portugal won the Euros without their main man – Ronaldo and Nigeria defeated Brazil 20 years ago in Atlanta when Midfield Anchor – Sunday Oliseh was suspended.

We had a good first team but the bench was not inspiring, apparently the first team wasn’t enough just like it is in many other aspects of life – the necessary is not always enough, as a student attending classes regularly is not always enough, being an excellent cook as a wife is not always enough, being able to provide financially for the home as the husband is not always enough, in building a career, the B.Sc is not always enough and of course in the Christian race, going to church is not always enough.

Truth is, whatever we do, the necessary is never enough, we need to have the extra so that when the chips are down we can be seen to be wise like the five wise virgins who even when their lamps still had oil took the pains to see that they had extra oil for their lamp and so they were the only ones ready for the bride groom, the “bride groom” for every aspect of your life is at hand the questions is – Have you got the extra?

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